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LASER Orientation & Safety

  • Sunday, May 28, 2023
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • 2014 Renard Ct. Unit C Annapolis, MD 21401

Join us for a beginner-friendly, hands-on workshop to learn how to use the Boss LS-3655 Laser Cutter!

This class is required for members who do not have prior Laser experience prior to independently using the Laser Cutter at the shop. 

Participants will gain insights on what types of projects a Laser cutter is used for, learn how to create a basic vector design and configure laser settings in  LightBurn software to etch and cut on a variety of materials.  Then, that design will be used in a hands-on exercise with each participant preparing their material and operating the Laser to make their designs. 

There are PCs available at the shop available for use with LightBurn software options for creating designs. If you plan to use your own laptop for creating designs, please bring it with you to class and install a trial version of LightBurn prior to class from THIS LINK. After the class, if you decide to keep LightBurn, subscribing members can access our discounted Makerspace license for only $30. 

Minimum age = 18

CLASS FEE (includes all materials):

  • FREE for subscribing members of Annapolis Makerspace.
  • $40 for non-members

Max class size = 4 participants.

Please register for this class at https://www.meetup.com/annapolis-makerspace/events/

(Members with prior experience with Laser machine operation: please email hello@makeannapolis.org to schedule an abridged orientation to our Boss Laser equipment in lieu of this class)


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