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Happy Holidays!

There's a lot of great deals this time of year, here's a few that we think you'll like. Check back daily for new products and deals!

If you get any of these items as a gift or gave them to someone, and you need help figuring out how to use them, just let Annapolis Makerspace know! If we don't know, we'll figure it out along with you!

Robotics for Beginners!

Who doesn't like robots? Ozobot makes some fantastic bots for ages 6+ that can teach a lot but are very easy and fun to learn! This is a great starter robot for kids and teens. One of the favorites of libraries, makerspaces, STEM labs and schools!

Great Introduction to 3D Printers

Monoprice is known for functional but basic tools. Their Mini Delta 3D printer is no acception. It's not the biggest or most powerful or most perfectly engineered 3D printer on the market, but for this price, it's an amazing deal and is amazingly function! A great introduction to 3D printing!

Get Started With Home Automation

An inexpensive and fun way to get into home automation is with Amazon's basic Echo Dot and a controllable smart plug!

Needle Felting Basic Starter Set

This is hte recommended set for our needle felting classes. Make all kinds of fun fuzzy critters with needle felting!

The Tiny Computer That Does Everything

A Raspberry Pi is a basic computer in a small package. But don't be fooled! It can do almost everything a full sized computer can do! (just maybe not as fast) And with cloud based services, you can even do things like stream games from your main computer to the Raspberry Pi. But above all, it's a very in expensive way to provide a computer for everyone. You can browse the web, learn to program (even write your own games!), even learn electronics by connecting devices to it and downloading easy to use libraries to control those devices. But the first thing you need is a Pi and some basic accessories (SD card, power supply, etc). This kit has almost everything! Just provide a keyboard, mouse and monitor and you're good to go! As with everything here, Annapolis Makerspace is happy to show you how to set it up and what you can do with it!

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